What your selfie says about your personality

Selfies have become an internet subculture in its right, birthed from the obsession of social media and the narcissistic consciousness of documenting every aspect of your life. I had a wake up call when my phone crashed because I had over 20,000 pictures. My selfie pictures were about 3,500, do not judge. (covers face). These days people hardly go a day without taking a selfie, snapchat has made this even worse.

For all your straight face, ducked face, tongue out selfies, here is what they tell about your personality and about others too.

No filter selfie

A no makeup selfie reflects high self confidence and self assurance in one’s bare skin. You are basically passing the message that you are confident in your skin. #Iwokeuplikethis

Makeup on fleek selfie

What is the point of a facebeat if you don’t snap that. Mostly for the ladies, it shows you are beauty conscious, you think you are pretty and want others to admire you./ your make up.

Over filtered selfie

Some day we will get the hang of why you have to over smoothen your skin, whiten your teeth, change your dna and even draw on makeup! Until then you are probably very vain and might be uncertain about your appearance.

Funny face selfie

If you are always pulling weird faces in front of the camera, you have a sense of humour and it always seem to surface in many situations in your life. You are fun and can lighten up a room.

Gym selfie

For the ones who like to show off their bod and the work they put into it. Gym selfies usually shows a desire for attention and admiration from both the opposite sex and same sex.

Cropped head selfie

Usually an “I’m on fleek today, but my face isn’t really/ really isn’t” so admire my neck and below.

Laughing selfie

It says you love to have a fun time, open to new things and pretty much easy going.

Full on selfie

When you take a selfie that includes you full body, you are either trying to show off your body or your outfit or both.

Usie self

If you are always initiating a group selfie, it shows you like people a lot and like to create memories with others.

Photographed by Cedric Nzaka

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  • Lol! Most people are probably a mix – depending on the situation.

  • I am definitely in like 4 or 5 of this, it usually depends on my mood LOL. I don’t get the over-filtered people though.