What Should We Make of These Super Long Instagram Captions?

There is a general understanding that instagram is majorly a visual social media platform. In fact this feature sets it apart from Twitter and Facebook, both which usage rely more on text than on imagery. Yet lately I’ve begun to notice a “trend” in the way people use instagram.

It usually starts with “I remember telling” or “I something” then evolving into a very personal, very informative, very detailed and very long caption. Asiyami Gold’s post is a great example, it entails what she is currently doing, her struggles, hopes and words of encouragement. I really cannot call these almost 250 words a caption but rather a blogpost.

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One of my FAQ is "how do you get to travel so often" the answer… I'm rich! Duhhhh? Rich in spirit. 😂 If you've been following my posts for at least two years, you would know that I'm just the average young lady who worked hard to get the things that she wanted out of life. I perfected the art of living well while having enough. And really in life, all you need is ENOUGH! Our ability to stay happy and live a full life with just a little is what attracts more. More isn't always monetary. Sometimes that "more" is the good people you meet along the way, a peace of mind, or being grateful. After going back home in 2015 for the first time in 12 years, adjusting to life in the west has been difficult for me. The greatest misconception most of us here have is the need to have more in order to live a full life. But I've seen my family members back home living such content and happy lives with nothing. It made me realize that having more may be a crutch. God gives more when we trust him and are grateful for what he has given us. Because what he gives us is enough at that moment. If we could learn to be grateful for enough and live well with enough, maybe we could see more. You don't need to have a lot of money. There are always ways of working around it. Pick destinations that work with your budget. Travel to places where you can stretch your $. Save enough for the things you want to experience. The best part of traveling isn't always eating a floating breakfast…. lmao. It's the people you get to connect with along the way, the food you get to eat, the conversations, the memories that last a lifetime, and sometimes the new lifestyle you adopt. Define what living well looks like to you and create it. #issavision #seeitbecomeit

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Isn’t it weird that while sharing details sometimes intimate and soul bearing on instagram, the accompanying images are of the best looks taken on the best days, bringing to mind this quote from my previous post;

We are too quick to share only parts of our lives captured in a photograph that reflects fun, exciting and sometimes even ‘deep’. Though we have the interesting days and might live a happy life, those Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook posts are not full representations of our daily experiences.

But alast not only celebrities, bloggers or “influencers”aka instagram celebrities are jumping on this train, your friend with just a little over 300 followers is too. Suddenly everyone has a blog, writing novels under their photos.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this extra long captions is just a medium for more human connection? Or will become a new replacement for blogs?

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  • I think it works for some, not for others. Micro-blogging, I think is the term being used. It could become a new type of blog for someone who doesn’t really want a full-on website or doesn’t use other social media networks.
    Like everything else some will do it well, some won’t 😛 great post!
    Julz | Frame Ambition travel. model diaries. video.

    • Oh ok, guess I’m late to the party. But then, this might mean less blog stats.

  • Chevone Petersen

    Someone told me today that they are in-love with my IG and well, I’m not sure what this actually means lol. I am also quite weary of people who comment on my images, in a foreign language and when I reply with a “please translate” and there is no response then I wonder if I should actually ban said follower because he/she is clearly not engaging for the right reasons?

    • I think if you’re uncomfortable with any comment under your pictures, you should delete it, block them or even report them. Whatever you do, you should be happy.