Wardrobe Update: Kick Flare Pants


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The kick flare pants might just be the IT item to have in your wardrobe this season. It is the cropped version of the flared pants which was the rave of 2015. The perfect kick flare pants hangs just a few inches above the ankle. What is best besides being cropped and flared is that it flatters everybody type, high waisted and accentuating.

This trend is both classic and contemporary. It is versatile and fits in every occasion, from office to casual and events.

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  • You look amazing!
    Love the pants.

  • Lade

    Absolutely love this plus your body is popping!!!


  • chinyere jane

    I love ur blog Pam pam

    • Thank you Chinyere. Hope you subscribe to stay up to date.

  • This is fire! I love the neutral tones of the outfit and your body is werking it!

  • MJ Junior

    You have a great figure girl!