Taking Stock: Two

How is it already the 20th of April? Of 2016? The way time flies by thou, we just might see ourselves in November and have no clue how we got there.

When I wrote my first taking stock post here, I did state that it will be included occasionally. So here is take two on what is going on in my life right now.

Making: A 3d visual board, such a fun way to see your long and short term goals.

Cooking: Chickpeas. Ermm, how soft/hard is it supposed to be after boiling it for hours?

Drinking: More water  these days, the bathroom trips are not fun thou.

Reading: A very large reader from my Fashion theory class. *sad face* Can I just not.

Wanting: A new wardrobe. I really need new stuff to spice things up.

Playing: Elevate, best brain engaging app. You’ll be seeing it on a new post soon.

Wasting: Lots of paper. I have a book for literarily everything!

Sewing: An interesting two piece, can’t wait to show you.

Wishing: That I have a million bucks right now. Maybe win the lottery, lol.

Enjoying: Playing dress up, even though I still need a new wardrobe.

Liking: That I am getting back into my workout routine. #Summerbod

Wondering: When I’ll get a million views on here. Help a sister out by always sharing on Facebook and tweeting. Lol, thanks in advance thou.

Loving: The weather these days, just before it gets really cold.

Hoping: To do collaborations with brands and other bloggers. Holla at me.

Marvelling: At the way babies grow so fast, seems like there is a new one popping at every turn.

Needing: Nothing really. Oh yea, a million bucks.

Smelling: Vanitas by Versace. Like in my previous post, I have never stuck to one.

Wearing: Make up almost everyday these days. Ain’t complaining thou, just need to brush up my skills.

Following: New and interesting blogs. Speaking of new, we got featured as one of the favourite new blogs on cassiedaves.com

Noticing: How no one’s got a chill this 2016 especially on social media. It started with lots of drama anyways, so.

Knowing: I need to first make moves and leave the rest to God.

Thinking: About food and eating lately. I literally plan my day around food. And I won’t lie, I love food too much, it’s exciting.

Bookmarking: Articles on blogging and being a freelance creative. I just might start getting prepared.

Opening: My mailboxes a lot. I missed a really cool offer because I wasn’t logged in one of my mailboxes. *hot tears*

Giggling: At memes. Gosh! How do people come up with these things, loool.

Feeling: Like I’ve got a spring in my steps. *grinning* I really can conquer anything now, lol.

Over to you, what are you wishing, wanting, noticing or giggling at these days? Let’s get in each others thoughts, do comment below.

Photography Kachi E



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  • René

    Hoping: to start my own blog pretty soon
    Also hoping : to meet you Pamela.😀

    • Oh nice, starting your own blog will be awesome. That’s so sweet of you, I have an idea still cooking will share when it is time. Which country are you in?

      • René

        Definitely ready to hear that idea when its time. I’m in Nigeria at the moment.

        • Ok awesome, stick around here and you will. You can get notified when you subscribe or like HeelsAndAbout Facebook page.

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