Taking Stock: One

Recently I stumbled on this cool find, Taking Stock, on Sharon Ongwa‘s blog. She is one of my favourite bloggers. Taking stock is poised reflective questions on the life you’re living. We are sometimes too busy living that we reflect later about the memories and people in our lives. Taking stock helps you realise how right now is the most important time in your life, and to live in the moment. I think it will be interesting to include this occasionally.


Making: plans on how to grow my blog and start my design career.

Cooking: nothing at the moment. But obsessed with this banana bread recipe I stumbled on.

Drinking: cosmopolitannnnnnnnn! It’s my favourite go to cocktail at the moment.

Reading: Blue ocean strategy, and why men love bitches *looking away whistling* lool.

Wanting: honestly? To be a wag. loooooooool. Please don’t judge me, obsessed with WAGS on E! especially Autumn.

Playing: games. Candy crush and Block!

Wasting: my time trying to control things I can’t ever.

Sewing: nothing at the moment. Can’t wait to get stitching.

Wishing: that my keys could talk to me whenever they go missing and that these times will be a memory soon.

Enjoying: living in the moment.

Liking: instagram profile layouts, thinking of deleting all my pictures on there and starting again.

Wondering: when I’ll be so deep in love the oceans will be jealous. Hey Khloe.

Loving: the dope braided hairstyles I have been wearing lately.

Hoping: to travel and do more exploring this year.

Marvelling: at sunsets. So much beauty!

Needing: to get some camera equipments.

Smelling: si by Giorgio Armani and some others. I have never stuck to just one smell.

Wearing: flat sandals a lot these days.

Following: interesting blogs and instagram accounts like AfroElle mag

Noticing: how it is already March! 3 months away from mid 2016. Then it’s december. Then it’s countdown! How? How? Howww?

Knowing: that the sunshine is just around the corner.

Thinking: how power and influence gets things done.

Bookmarking: 10 things you’ll regret not doing in your twenties see here. FOMO lol.

Opening: packs and packs of cheese balls these days.

Giggling: at funny instagram handles like funnyafricanpics. My comedy fix for end of the day stress.

Feeling: grateful for my family and friends. Having a support system goes a long way and puts things in perspective.

What are you observing, feeling, watching or bookmarking these days? I’d really love to know.



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  • This is growing into an amazing space!
    Lately,I have been wearing Ñugwa slippers/sandals,researching on how females are actually addressed in the society/homes and how to correct it.
    Keep doing what you are doing.
    Great post!

    • Thank you lovely. We can’t get enough of fashion inspiration, ever. Ps Nugwa slippers rocks!

  • chibucks

    LoL take it easy on the cheese balls, love what am seeing, keep it going well…

  • And to think she was frustrated a few weeks ago about how she needs to start blogging… Weldone dear!!!

    • Loool, I know. Things happen. Thank you darling for all your help.

  • Nice one… Actually got me hooked and interested

    • Very nice. Hope I’ll see you on here often. Thanks for reading.

  • Romee

    Love this….you going places!!!

  • Sussan Badare

    Pamela Dear, I am so very proud of you, Keep flying high dear…😘

  • Athule

    Hahha nice one. Come let’s travel I’m ready this year all I wanna do.

    Oh and are you ever coming back to SA? I see Nigeria is fun but I mean we miss u in SA

    • Loool. I miss you so much babe, and I will be back soon. And we will start planning for all the travels when I am back. See you soon.

  • Precy David

    Firstly… lovely post pam. Definitely going to be reading your posts everyday. I’ve certainly been observing there are a lot of young entrepreneurs in the country which is pretty amazing and encouraging…. please keep it up you’re certainly on the right path.

    • Thank you so much Precy. I also have observed the rise in young entrepreneurs, so cool for noticing that. And thank you for your advise and for reading. Should I promise never to let you down, lol.

  • Loving your post and the write ups really interesting . Go girl

    • Thanks girl. Come around often, you’ll definitely love others.

  • Awww I love this! I’m thinking of doing this. Is it alright if I do?

    I love funny African pics too!


    • Thank you dear. It is totally alright if you do it, lol. I’ll definitely read it up.

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