Taking Stock: Three And 2017 Goals

Photography Arnold

In my last taking stock post, I began with “How is it already the 20th of April? Of 2016? The way time flies by thou, we just might see ourselves in November and have no clue how we got there.” This is exactly how I feel right now and here I go again, how is it already the 20th of January? Of 2017?

I am feeling super pumped and optimistic for the year ahead, and I am super conscious about time as this year seem to have zero chill. 2017 is definitely going to be an interesting year for me, with plans for the blog and starting up my fashion brand, JIDEKA, I am looking forward to an interesting and hardworking year.

Making: Sketches. Tech packs. Patterns. And repeat. All I see are papers these days.

Cooking: Lots of food. I am definitely going to try food prepping this weekend so I don’t spend all my time in the kitchen.

Drinking: Water, and considering starting a juice diet soon.

Reading: How To Make One Hell Of A Profit And Still Make Heaven. A dear friend told me about this ebook and I totally love it, I’ll recommend you get it too.

Wanting: To launch and start a very successful JIDEKA fashion brand. I will definitely keep you updated, on here, my instagram and the JIDEKA instagram, maybe you should follow us now to begin this join with me .

Playing: Youtube tutorials on video editing, I just might.

Wasting: No time getting things done, I’m slowing changing my bad habit of procrastinating.

Sewing: The first collection for JIDEKA. And yes I sew myself, although I would rather design and do a million patterns than sew.

Wishing: I can fast forward past this beginner entrepreneur stage.

Enjoying: Taking things easy like Easy E, lol. But really thou, these days I just take things as they come, no more stressing.

Liking: The turn life is taking.

Wondering: And plotting how I need to get myself a mentor, got ideas? Please let me know below.

Loving: Life, God, and everything in my life now.

Hoping: To do as much as I am capable of doing, and optimising my full potential.

Marvelling: At my throwback pictures, they are the worst!

Needing: A MENTOR.

Smelling: A mixture of Chanel Chance, Tom ford White Patchouli and Zara Sunrose.

Wearing: Less and going out more *in Drake’s voice*, lol. But seriously not serious 

Following: Trends. I plan to keep well ahead of trends this year.

Noticing: Time has ZERO chill!

Knowing: That in the end, everything will be fine.

Thinking: About business(es). As a real Igbo girl that I am nah! Hehehe.

Bookmarking: Articles on vlogging. I am considering going into that space, what do you think? And would you like to see?

Opening: Nothing really.

Giggling: At funny instagram posts.

Feeling: Alive, and on a directed path in life. I feel like I’ve been waiting to feel this way for a long while.

I am super excited and looking forward to the rest of 2017, the projects and businesses I will be working on (and I do hope you support me ). My 2017 goals below, trying to keep it simple;


  • Be consistent and have a posting schedule.
  • Do more interviews.
  • A few/lots of giveaways.
  • Start a subscription box service on HAA.
  • Send out a bi-weekly newsletter, Sign up here!
  • Definitely starting Vlogging,. You can subscribe already to get updates on when I post on there.
  • Collaborate with brands and other bloggers.
  • Maybe host an event or workshop.


  • Start my JIDEKA brand.
  • Sell on the JIDEKA website and have a functional social media. Like us on Facebook and follow us on instagram too.
  • Get stockists in South Africa and Nigeria.
  • Brand partnerships and press features.
  • Maybe participate/showcase in a fashion event.


  • Get a studio space.
  • Live a consistent and beautiful life.
  • Travel to a new country.
  • Get a mentor.
  • Read a new book every month.
  • Work out 4-5 times a week.
  • Be more prayerful and spiritual.
  • Maybe start another degree program.

Notice there’s always a maybe at the end of each list, I just might try to do all since 2017 is all about pushing myself. I probably would have stopped blogging if it weren’t for you, thank you for your love and support, for reading, for sharing, for commenting, for being you. Really appreciate everything. Have an amazing 2017! And you can totally share this post by using the buttons below.

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  • Well done babe! I love the goals bit. Very well thought out. All the best with the plans and especially with JIDEKA!


  • Amazing goals. All the best dear. Watching out for JIDEKA. Ive actually thought of starting sth like that too(i sew), but procrastination is in the way. Getting it kicked out soon!

    • Thank you Atinuke, you should totally start. Do let me know how it goes, cheers.

  • Nita.

    You have your plans outlined and spelt out. Nice!

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