Striped Feelings

PT-48      PT-53

I originally set out to do this shoot for another post but a look at the images on my photographer’s camera and I thought ‘nahhhhh, this will be a two post series’. I have always been told by my friends that I am ever ready and dressed for any occasion even when it wasn’t planned before leaving my house. Until today, I hadn’t really given much thought to it. I just dressed as I felt like or most times according to my mood and destination.

So here I was dressing according to how I felt, lol. And I did feel like I was slaying enough for this to be a fashion shoot rather than just only being for the original purpose. *PS* you will be seeing this outfit again.

PT-54     PT-44     PT-45

Photography: The Lex Ash

What do you think? Slaying or nah? Or was I just kidding myself?

PT-38        PT-39

Top: Edgars

Pants: I made it myself

Shoes: Cotton On

Choker necklace: Topshop

Due to my friends appraisal of my outfit choices. I will be doing a post later on how to successfully combine outfits that will transcend from day to night.


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  • Jennifer Umeh

    Yay!! This is more like it. Gurlll work it. You are completely slaying this. I like.

    • Thank you girl!!! You will definitely like more of others I am working on.

  • Joshwezzy

    I love your ideals and you are so creative. Thumbs up! Keep it up soon the world will be visiting ur website.

    • Thank you dear. Thanks so much for the well wish. Amen! We shall shine together.

  • Chichi O.

    Guuuurl! You are definitely slaying! Love the whole look. Hair, makeup, outfit👌 Your photographer is bomb too! #love …pics are just gorgeous especially the ones with old building in the background.

    • Thank you ChiChi. Darn! You should always review my post, will definitely keep me on my toes knowing someone is noticing the details.

  • Madam Ifeneme, great job 👍🏽

  • funmi shyngle

    falling in love with your blog boo, keep it up . btw, you is a slayerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    • Thank you babygirl. And thank you for allowing me win your heart, lol.

  • ify uc

    gorgeous u nailed it sis…luv ur luks africakish..kudos love

  • Jibola

    Top notch as ever. U always killing it ✌🏿️✌🏿

  • Gugulethu

    Slaying I must say

  • Chigoz

    I love it 😍😍😍 total slayage

  • Hizzo

    Stunning….. Keep it up

  • chibucks

    Dope!! Always growing!! Lovely!!!

  • Definitely slay, love the pants

    • Thank you darling. Thanks for stopping by. You have a really cool blog by the way.

  • Detutu coco


  • I love this look!! Slaying!

  • Love that top!!

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  • you look stunning babydol

  • You definitely slayed it mami❤️❤️