Printastic: How to mix prints


Embrace your wholeness.

Oh no you can’t wear that. Oh no those prints are totally different. Oh listen to me I know fashion. People tend to shy away from wearing more than one print at the same time because they think it clashes or they are committing some type of fashion faux pas. Oh no, the thought of getting the look from fashion insiders.

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Mixing prints is fun fashion to me and I embraced it wholeheartedly. To make sure you are owning your look and feeling really confident, here are four tips for mixing prints;

Keep accessories simple and minimal.

Balance out the combination by wearing different print sizes (i.e. match big prints with smaller prints).

Keep the combination to two, maximum three different prints.

Most importantly you must own the outfit, wear it with confidence.

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Mixing prints isn’t for the faint hearted so kudos for pulling it it off. Let me know any tips you have and how you have mixed prints. And please use the share buttons below. Thank you.




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  • Derah

    I think mixing prints is a nice twist to fashion and should be embraced. I like your idea of large patterns on smaller patterns.
    Your outfit looks like it was thoughtfully put together, however, I would have loved to see 2 or 3 more print combinations on this post. That would have been insightful and we could definitely draw some inspiration from more examples..

    Nice post Pam, keep it up..

    • Thank you for your very detailed response Dera, I am considering featuring other images not taken for HeeelsAndAbout. Thank you for your suggestion darling.

  • Athule

    I think il start wearing prints more often.

    But I will need tips each tym.. Love the pictures you look stunning

    • Thank you darling. Yes you definitely should, I am always open to give tips.

  • Martha

    Hi Pam, you’re doing a very great job here. Thanks alot for sharing these tips. Please will it be possible to share more example using different prints from what you have on? That’ll definitely help me be a pro! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks and God bless the works of your hands.

    • Thank you Martha. I will definitely try to incorporate that, I really appreciate your opinion. Thanks for reading and get ready for your awesome style journey :d.

  • Your shoes are dope! And I personally think that print clash is awesome, who cares what anyone thinks yeah? LOL. Why so fine though???

  • Imelda

    I would definitely try this….thanx Pam. Nice one

  • MJ Junior