Layered Relations: Layering 101

Dress: JIDEKA. Shirt: Zara. Shoes: Miss Guided
Photographed by: CindyLee Cashmere

Dresses are wardrobe must-haves and some styles are classics. For the style savvy, when finding new interesting ways to wear your dresses might have become a challenge, layering is the way to go. Layer another piece of clothing over or under your dress to create an unexpected twist- why wear one piece when you can wear two or even more.

Some simple ways to layer up;

Wear a shirt over your dress to maximize the looks you can create from one dress. One minuet it’s a dress, the next it’s a skirt.

Wear a shirt under your dress, like I did. Reverse layer by slipping a shirt or tee under your dress, this looks creates an entirely new feel. Tip: this look will put your dresses to good use in winter.

Wear a slip dress over a turtle neck, see look here, to create a chic streetstyle look.

What interesting ways are you layering your dress?

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