Humble bragging, Don’t believe all you see on Social Media!

Today it’s the coolest post on instagram, tomorrow it’s the latest fashion trend, next its the most insta-worthy tourist destinations and then it’s the big accomplishment, award, venture or even financial status which one has achieved. Now and again people are constantly bragging on social media because after all if it’s not on there, did it really happen?

People are constantly promoting themselves online, as everyone is a ‘brand’, and social media is a free PR tool at our disposal. But this act of self-promoting every minute details of our ‘gloriously perfect’ life on social media could have an adverse effect on our hundreds/thousands of followers, according to Huffington Post blogger Alissa Dean, “it can trigger self reflection and social comparison, whether it’s conscious or subconscious.”

People only share what they think others will be impressed by; perfectly edited posts of happiness, success, growth, accomplishments, acquirements and co. No one posts anything of them running errands while looking like they’ve been hit by a bus or the days they were in their pyjamas all day, this, leading us to live a double life online with our virtual selves and offline with our real selves.

In some ways I also contribute to this problem. Like every other millennial, I am eager to show off my latest achievements, the cities I travel to, the interesting things I am up to while looking #Iwokeuplikethis. We are too quick to share only parts of our lives captured in a photograph that reflects fun, exciting and sometimes even ‘deep’. Though we have the interesting days and might live a happy life, those Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook posts are not full representations of our daily experiences.

Self-promoting can ignite irritation and enviousness in our friends. If you start to feel even the tiniest bit of resentment towards self-promoters, know that most people online -including myself and all your friends- are not living their best lives on the gram and reality includes many unpretty scenarios.


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  • I literally needed this, and I just came accross your blog so randomly, so God definitely led me here.
    I think that we put too much pressure on ourselves, and don’t enjoy the life we do have because we want a better one.
    I am consciously working to love my life as ‘boring’ as it is.