How the new African Passport will Affect Millennials

On 10th of July when the 27th  African Union’s Summit holds in Rwanda, the AU plans to introduce an African passport, a single passport for the African continent. According to the AU “The scene seems to be set to realize the dream of visa-free travel for African citizens within the continent by 2020”. The goal is to turn Africa into a continent with seamless borders.

According to the AU, only AU officials, Heads of States, Government and Ministers of foreign affairs can apply for this passport now. The other exception is Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote.

This single passport will no doubt have lots of impacts on millenials. Think about arts, manufacturing and businesses with no bothers. No doubt that when this becomes effective for citizens, the possibilities it will create will be vast and will greatly influence millennials.

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Image source: Island Boi Photography

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