10 Effective Ways To Feed Your Soul

When I feel overwhelmed with life, I know it is time to reach within. Our minds wander far, wide and deep all the time. And sometimes we need to pause, take a deep breath and get back on with life. Feed your soul by shifting focus from your external surrounding to your internal being. Below are ideas you can do subconsciously.

Be willing to help others

Find ways to help a friend or family. Volunteer your time or donate to a charity.

Appreciate others

Look for the good and beauty in others. Everyone is uniquely different, beautiful and good at something.


Dedicate time daily to be quiet and at one with God. Pray silently and be calm in His presence.

Have a date with yourself

Take a deep breath, meditate and relax. The best time I do this is in the bath or shower, or while doing dishes, lol.

Read, read, read

Read constantly least you become ignorant. Read the bible and inspirational quotes.


Be willing and ready to smile always.

Be playful

Without inhibitions, allow yourself unwind by playing.

Practice gratitude

Mentally note things you are grateful for, even the little things. Being alive? Food? Shelter? Family?


Listen to songs you love and that uplift your spirit.

Live in the now

Focus on how to make best of the 24 hours in front of you, and worry less about tomorrow.

Image source: Tumblr


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