Did You Know Your Shirt Can Be Worn In Reverse?

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Fashion is ever evolving. Not only are new trends popping up, trends on wearing classics are too. The coolest trend right now is the spin on the classic white shirt, or any coloured shirt, by wearing it in reverse.

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For this trend, the bigger the better. Go for a slightly oversized shirt, so your boobs can fit. It will probably be a good idea to have someone around to button behind for you.

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Shirt: Jay Jays,  Skirt: Woolworths,  Shoes: Zara,  Bracelet: Lovista

Normality is fading out guys. What is your take on this trend? Are you eager to try?

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  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • emeka

    Always on top dear. Nice outfits!

  • Mitch

    HAA! ‘HAA ‘ has done it again. Amazing idea. #TrendSetter

  • Chioma

    Yea…. I did today Pam and eyes where on me like 😳😳😳😀 But it was worth the try

    • You go girl. First they stare, then they copy, lol. I’m sure you looked fab today!

  • Chioma

    Yes oh.. I looked fab nd felt so good that I wore the unusual and made a statement.. Thanks for the idea..

  • Lade

    Amamzing outfit!! I also rocked the shirt backwards trend on my blog some months back, you can check it out 🙂

    The Sequin Skirt

  • And it looks super chic I love it and definitely gonna try it. Great Idea.


  • Tosin

    I’m new here. Will definitely stick around. Good jobHAA. I never thought about this but will try to for sure. Thank you

    • Thank you Tosin. Be sure to stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter.

  • Nice!! Hmmm… I just may try this. I know I’ll feel so strange but let’s see.
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  • I still haven’t tried this out and I think you just gave me that extra push I needed. Your smile is so beautiful.

  • Really nice. I definitely want to try this ASAP!