Denim Doses: How to ace the head to toe denim look

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Denim is most times the comfort clothes, the jacket or shirt or pants you lean towards when there is no outfit inspiration or when there is simply no time to worry about what to wear. Denim in itself is a classic that is always trendy, year after year and season after season. Make fashion statements with your #OOTD by rocking the head to toe denim look.

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Tips on how to ace this look;

Layering denim over denim creates an edgy classic vibe. Wear a softer denim or shirt made of chambray fabric underneath your layers to avoid looking bulky.

Opt for different shades. Mix-match lighter shades with darker shades, it creates an interesting contrast.

Keep it extra cool by playing with proportions. Pair denims with different lengths and sizes.

Keep in mind that your shoes and accessories greatly influence your overall look. It sets the tone of your outfit, from looking casual to looking dressed up.

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Jacket: Thrifted

Shirt: Woolworths

Skirt: Thrifted

Shoes: JustFab

What are your best tips for head to toe denim looks? Are you feeling this look? Please share your thoughts.



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