Braided Ponytail

You probably have your hairstyle sorted for the weekend, but halt before you make that appointment with your stylist. Braided ponytail is the new hairstyle trend you should be doing now. The big chop, aka cutting your hair and going natural, has greatly influenced the hair and beauty industry. Beauty enthusiasts are always exploring and creating new exciting hairstyles, from box braids to cornrows and now braided ponytail.

Take a break from weaves or your hairstyle regulars with this style. A useful tip I will recommend to save your edges, is to start adding the hair extension a few meters into weaving from your edges. Are you keen to try this?

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Top: H&M. Shorts: Topshop. Choker: Chioma Okafor

Photographed by Cedric Nzaka

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  • Hey this is the hairstyle I have on! Well except it’s not a pony tail but all back. But the pattern is the same. Easy and simple. And I love your look! || Bloglovin’!
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  • TBH I only had eyes for your choker and simple street style! Love the chunky belt. I’m a naturalista so anything braid stresses me out these days mainly because unless it’s kinky, it won’t last too long LOL.

    • Thanks Wumi. I must say my braids didn’t last thou, as I am transitioning. I just might relax my hair soon.