The 7 Beauty Products I Cannot Do Without

Every lady wants to feel and look beautiful. Well sometimes you are born with it, sometimes it’s maybelline. Lol just kidding, you actually have to work for a beautiful healthy skin. To have a glowing skin, you have to take care and invest in it. There are some beauty products and rituals I observe to care for my skin, these could help improve your skin and maybe get rid of some skin issues you may have.

And it is understandable if you still have skin problems after trying these, as I too have and still battle with acne. I have used many products including accutane for almost a year, and it appeared again, the horror! But it isn’t as bad as before. Ps, holla at me if you know anything that works for acne.

The 7 beauty products I CANNOT do without

1. SPF; because you need to product your skin from the UV radiation, and yes black people should wear SPF.

2. Eye-cream; your older self will thank you for some beauty habits you adopt now and applying eye-cream is one of them.

3. Moisturiser; no ashy skin here please. And you should have separate moisturisers for face and body.

4. Cleanser/Makeup remover; because going to bed without taking your makeup off isn’t an option.

5. Face mask; every once in a while I use a face mask for deep cleansing, my favourites are charcoal masks or homemade honey, milk or oats mask.

6. Coconut oil; it fixes everything, your skin, hair, food, even your bank account. Lol, kidding but coconut oil is bae, I mostly use it mixed with shea butter as a moisturiser for my hair and skin.

7. Lipstick/lip balm; because no chappy lips here and lipstick for those when I want to wear makeup but I don’t feel like wearing makeup days.

An additional product would be body scrub/exfoliator, you simply cannot do without this. See here for my favourite DIY sugar body scrub.

And some beauty practices that will improve your skin texture, prevent premature ageing and that will make a big difference

Water, Exercise, Beauty sleep for at least 7 hours, Food: tomatoes, veggies, fruits, protein. I cannot stress these out enough.

Ps, did you know that how you get rid of body hair can also affect your skin? I will give tips and tricks on body hair removal in my next beauty post.

What beauty products, tips, tricks or practices do you observe? Please share below, I would love to know.

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