Art And About: Re Le Lagos

Art in Nigeria has come a long way, from drawing inspiration and emphasising on the cultural heritage of the nation to influencing social, political and artistic movements.

This past weekend I went to Re Le art gallery which is located at Onikan Lagos Island. It has the coolest space, small and intimate. It felt like I was being led into a secret and needed to consume enough finds and inspiration for my ever inquisitive soul. Although not as old as other art galleries in Lagos, it has already defined it’s niche. It is a go to place for cool urban art works, which is a great start for the ones that are beginning to fall in love with art. They also have a cool library where they sell pretty art finds, customised t-shirts and books.

FullSizeRender-12    FullSizeRender-2

I was drawn into the pictorial scenes of the art works being exhibited. The theme behind Ngozi Schommers‘s exhibition stood out for me, she had artworks that captured the lives of real people, telling their stories through art. Her exhibition was held from the 18th to the 28th of February 2016 which was themed ‘We Are Not Welcome Here’.

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One of her works that captured my attention was a mixed media portrait of a Nigerian girl she met in Germany, whose experience of getting into Germany was one she would never wish her enemy.

Although most of her artworks being exhibited were of sorrowful circumstances and stories, there were some which were a reflection of indifferent and happy times.

FullSizeRender-7     IMG_5731

FullSizeRender-11    FullSizeRender-15

I was also drawn to an art work by Tayo Quaye, it was a reflection of the current state of Nigeria. A wealthy nation represented by a woman who was visibly drained of her resources by corrupt politicians and military personnels.

Other beautiful artworks I saw there;

FullSizeRender-14      FullSizeRender-8

IMG_5711   FullSizeRender-10

I do think to myself, being in the creative industry is one where you have to be totally confident in yourself, your art work and your point of view. Every artist has different expressions and points of view which results in unique outcomes. Even though I have just started this creative journey/career, what screams to me at every turn is the originality which artists apply. I always tell myself  stick to you, advance and improve your skill, define your target market and deliver. There is a space for everyone.

I would love to know your thoughts and experiences of Re Le art gallery. Or any other art galleries in your city you have been to and would like us to check out.



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  • Jennifer Umeh

    A very interesting read, some of the pieces look really nice and I will definitely be checking them out, I thought you would be talking about only shoes but I learnt something else

    • Loool. I will definitely be talking about shoes sometime. But I am glad you learnt something new.

  • If I say I am not impressed… I LIE…. Keep it up darling

  • Beautiful art work. …won’t mind having/buying some

    • Oh thank you dear. You should check out the gallery, it”s at Onikan. I am very sure you’d fall in love with a piece or two.

  • Jennifer Umeh

    Okay that will be great because I am crazy about shoes lol

    • Lol. See you around then Jennifer. Hope you do subscribe so you never miss a post.

  • Derah

    Alika, this is a nice piece. Keep it up! I look forward to learning a whole lot from this blog. Would send you my criticism in camera.. Adios!

    • Looool. Nwanne I await the call. Thank you as always.

    • Thanks Cass. Thank you for stopping by. I am on your blog now, lol.

  • Joannah Ese

    Being an art and creative writing lover, I really appreciate this written piece. The artworks are amazing. The way you have put this writeup together in itself makes me want to go there and feel these for myself. Awesome art pieces. Awesome written piece. Awesome fashion choice to the art place lol. 🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️

    • Thank you so much Joannah, for appreciating even the little details. You should definitely check it out. And as for your comment on my fashion choice, keep this blog on your radar or even better subscribe above for when I have posts up on my ‘What To Wear’ category. See you around!

  • Lovely pictures!

    • Thanks darling. I think we should already credit each other, given that we helped one another. Lol.

  • ify uc

    dis luvly..i luv d diagrams i see here..nice place to b

    • Thanks dearie, hope you’ll be around often to see more awesome pictures!

  • Athule

    Lovely!! Very good read. I’m really proud of you Hun.

  • Excellent write up..gorgeous Pam…nice setting with the art bank..I try to look for 4 and 3D art which is the art bank…
    You write so well Pam. ..Nigeria is proud to have you…


    • Thank you so much. I know, 3d and 4d art works are super cool and are in the spotlight now. I will be visiting more art galleries in future, and will keep an eye out. I will definitely be blogging about them, so hope you stick around or subscribe to get notified.

  • Angela Nnamezie

    Nice one pam!! Keep it up

  • Mayowa.


  • Quincy Roberts

    Very impressive, I must say. I relived every moment with you thanks to your pinpoint use of language, and also your lucid expression of your experience at the gallery. Slay with grace mami! Blessings!

    • Thank you dear, hope you do subscribe to my blog so you get to enjoy more of my writings.

  • You should check out nike art gallery. over 9k art pieces there.