5 things you can do if you feel helpless about police brutality and social injustice

With the ‘trend’ of police brutality and social injustice happening daily, one is left to think where this is headed, when will it end, when and how justice will be served to offenders in the uniforms and out of it. We can only hope that things come to an end rather than lead to escalated social tensions or worse, gruesome actions. While we are hoping, praying and paying attention to the news, most of us feel the need to do something but feel even more powerless to make an impact.

If you feel as powerless as I do, here are 5 things you can do to make a change in your small but very impactful way;

1. Crowd funding

This is at the top of the list and one of the most important because there is a 99% chance that the individuals and families affected by unjust/unfair attacks will be faced with a financial set back. In the case Alton Sterling, he was killed by police officers and left behind a wife and five kids, the oldest being only 15. A GoFundMe page was started to help his kids through school.

2. Speak out, state your opinion and keep the conversation going

There is no hanging on the fence, no in between. As seen in most cases, it was a right or wrong, a that was too far or he deserves it. Speak out, state your opinion and seek correct information, stay informed.

3. Use your social media platforms

Social media has become a very powerful tool, it is huge for creating awareness and making contents go viral. When citizens are treated in an unfair manner, tweet it, share it, instagram it. Whatever platforms you are on, share it on there, a single tweet can reach a thousand people and go viral.

4. Reach out to the affected families and communities

Words of comfort and prayers is one way we can help in situations like this. Being physically involved helps even more if you can get to the communities or families being affected. As with the case of 3 year old Abdul whose eyesight was taken from him by ritualists in Northern Nigeria, a very caring person reached out and has made efforts to see that he got registered in a special school and he was given a chance at a better life.

5. Demand and petition for justice to be served

Some judiciary systems are flawed and some citizens try to evade justice by pulling strings through many means. They act above the law, this is unfair and should not be. Recognise that certain privileges like racial and social status do exist and this will influence legal actions.

Image source; Joanna Braithwaite

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  • I really like that you wrote about this Pamela. Makes a lot of sense!


  • At the same time, there s also something seriously attractive about an individual who can laugh at their mistakes, flaws and shortcomings a person who can take a risk and fail because he s learned to laugh it off and try again.