4 Tips For Seeing Beyond The Present

Every Sunday I receive amazing sermons from church and I have always felt the need to share the teachings with the world through HAA. I think the sermons are very relatable to everyone, Christians and non-Christians alike. So this will be a new feature on HAA with new content every Monday. Also, if you would rather listen to the original sermon, the audio clips will be at the bottom of every post.

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1. Everything in our present was caused by something we did in our past;

– The price we paid yesterday, determines the value we are enjoying today.

– Every action in your life has a corresponding reaction.

– Comfort and gratification today can only mean poverty tomorrow.

Ashleigh Brilliant: Unlike all other laws, the laws of nature are unchangeable.

Scott M. Peck: The greatest sin in America today is the inability to deny gratification.


2. Everything in our future will come as a result of something we do in our present.

3. Every decision we make, creates a door from our present to our future:

John Maxwell: Where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present.

Dr Rob Thompson: Prayer is a poor substitute for sowing.

4. Every seed we sew, creates a door from the present to our future.

Four Key Questions Today

1. What am I doing in the present that is hindering my future?

2. What am I able to do in the present that can shape a better future?

3. What seed can I sow in the present that can affect my church/community’s future?

4. What impact can you make on the future now?

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