3 head wrap styles for bad hair days

Bad hair days are inevitable. From in between hair appointments to the days when you just can’t, you hair/weave will decide to have a life of its own and be everywhere.

For days like that, a handy piece of fabric tied stylishly will save you.

Knotted in front

Fold your fabric in a triangular shape, tie from back to front. Knot again and again, then tuck the extra fabric in.

HAA Headwrap 15 HAA Headwrap 18  HAA Headwrap 19 HAA Headwrap 14

Tied around

Fold your fabric in a rectangular shape, tie from back to front (creating a V shape in front). Take both tails to the back, tie and tuck in extra fabric.

HAA Headwrap 12 HAA Headwrap 16 HAA Headwrap 11 HAA Headwrap 10

Tied under the chin and to back neck

Fold your fabric in a triangular shape, place the centre of the triangle on your forehead. Knot the tails under your chin, and tie at the back of your neck.

HAA Headwrap 7 HAA Headwrap 6 HAA Headwrap 5 HAA Headwrap 4

When bad hair days happen, headwraps happen.

Photography by Nomkhosi Charlene Mabuza

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