2016 Colour Trend: Butter cup yellow

Through out this year I will be doing series of fashion and beauty posts inspired by the Pantone spring 2016 colour trend. See here.

Butter cup yellow is one of 2016 colour trends which will and has appeared on major runway shows. It has being interpreted in forms of garments, accessories, hair, and make up trends.

Here I teamed up with make up artist Ozioma and photographer Paul Ukonu to create my take on the buttercup yellow colour trend in two make up looks.




IMG_8497       IMG_8509

8507        IMG_8515




IMG_8548         IMG_8531

IMG_8541          IMG_8547



Makeup: Ozioma @omakafaces

Photography: Paul Ukonu @paulukonu   http://www.paulukonu.net


Which of the looks are you eager to try? Which look are you leaning towards or is your favourite? Share your thoughts, I’d love to know.



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  • Precy David

    All the looks are amazing.. but my favourite is definitely the first picture with the buttercup yellow on your lip. It’s fierce…. I won’t be trying it tho X_X

    • Thank you dear. Lol, at least you do appreciate the looks. That’s great.

  • chijioke

    Cute I take d first one too

    • Awesome choice, but I am leaning towards the eye makeup thou. Lol.

  • All pics makes a different senses

  • veronica clay

    Precious awugosi you are here….NYC looks pam

    • Thank you Veronica. Hope I see you on here often.

  • Jennifer Umeh

    I loveee your use of the butter cup yellow. I am definitely going to try this on Friday night!

    • Thank you Jennifer, that will be amazing. Hopefully you will let me know how it turns out.